Sugar Free - Have you got what it takes?

February in 2018 has just 28 days. I mean, how difficult can it be to go for 4 short weeks with no sugar?

My answer? Actually not that difficult!

Orchard Reflexology Sugar Free for February

I felt I needed to do something to raise money for charity, and this seemed perfect. I'd been considering cutting out sugar for a while and then this Cancer Research fundraiser kind of found me.

They say that the first week of anything is the most difficult - I'm inclined to agree. We were away for the first 3 days of February (staying in beautiful country pubs), meaning that other than selecting carefully from menus I had virtually no control over what I was eating. No delicious puds, no cola, no juice.......None of the stuff I really like. As we were leaving to come home I suddenly felt a little peculiar, kind of spaced out and with a splitting headache. Fortunately the roads were clear and less than 3 hours later I was in bed in the dark, applying Forehead like a wild thing and desperately trying to get shot of the cleaver in my head.

I was literally 'this' close to cracking and having something sugary. Fortunately my willpower was stronger than the headache.

It cleared in the most peculiar way, and very quickly too (thankfully), I suddenly regained my appetite, and from the first fork full of salad my head started to feel clearer.

The rest of the month was really fairly easy. The most difficult part was having well meaning friends offering me sweets and chocolates without thinking, or making me a cuppa and adding my usual sugar without a second thought.

I think possibly the most difficult day was the 28th February. Surprising I guess, but that was kind if decision time for me; keep going and stay sugar free, or go back to my previous habits.

It was my choice, but one I wanted to be comfortable with. To that end I have decided to go back to eating sugar, but just in a much lower quantity than before. I saw a friend yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks and she remarked that my face looked less puffy - She's a Reflexologist too and said the reduction in the puffiness of my ankles was marked.

So, I've found my middle ground I think. Not sugar free, but eating much less than previously. That has to be good, Right?

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