It's always nice to know what others think!

There are a few reviews below for those not on social media. Please do also head over to the Orchard Reflexology Facebook page to see more reviews left by happy clients.

'Stepping into Andrea's world means you will begin to experience a level of nurture that is unparalleled. As an intuitive therapist, Andrea gently gains insight into how her skills can best assist you and takes a holistic approach in the care of her clients. I always leave with a sense of being unburdened, my head feels light and refreshed and as a bonus, I sleep so well, which is a rare joy for me ! Reflexology eases my tinnitus and also has re-connected me with seeing chakra colours during treatments - that is really divine. This has lasted long after the treatments, when I relax or on rare occasions meditate - it's such a treat! It can be very hard to accept and grasp the concept of chakra colours, I appreciate if you haven't experienced it, but I would recommend that you work on it, as it's a truly enriching discovery.'

'I'm a sceptic! I came for treatments to help my knee pain after a friend mentioned Reflexology.  The unexpected benefit has been the feeling of general wellbeing I'm experiencing as well as a dramatic improvement in my IBS symptoms as a result of my stress levels being lower! I cannot recommend the treatments and Andrea highly enough.' 

''I cannot recommend Andrea as a reflexologist enough. I have a long standing back problem that I have tried every type of treatment for in order to be able to function on a daily basis. From the first reflexology session I began to feel a difference. Her ability to pick up on any changes in my body is truly astounding. I would say to anyone who hasn't tried reflexology to go and see Andrea to find out how much she can help you too.'  

'I had my reservations about Reflexology and how it works, but now I do not care how it works, it just does! I suffer with anxiety and struggle to sleep every night. After 8 sessions my anxiety is still there but at a much more controllable level and I'm sleeping better than ever. I cannot recommend Reflexology highly enough for any condition which you may have.'