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We're busy people. All of us.

Work, family, home, holidays, social lives. We run around with hardly a moment to stop and appreciate what it is we're doing, and without a second thought as to what this pressure is doing to us.

That is until we start to feel unwell. The fast paced life takes its toll, and inevitably then our physical health starts to suffer. We might have the typical 'butterfly tummy', or we might experience headaches or heartburn. Stress and overwork can manifest physically in a huge range of ways.

It's important then that we take time to allow ourselves to rest, relax and recuperate. I'm not suggesting for a moment that we all give up work and lay around(!), but what I am advocating is being a little more mindful of what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

I like to think of having a little wellbeing 'toolkit' which I can dip in and out of as required. When I feel things are moving a little too fast and I need some time out I can fall back on to my safety net, and know that I can draw on things which will help me. I've jotted a few of mine below, but perhaps you'd like to come up with a few things which might help you when you start to feel a little overwhelmed.

1. Reflexology. OK, OK!. It was inevitable that it was going to appear on here somewhere! For me I find that Reflexology helps me turn everything down a notch. I can spend an hour just 'being' and not have to worry about life. Reflexology helps restore balance, and when I'm feeling out of kilter that's just what I need.

2. Bach Flower Remedies. I love these. I have a tin of Rescue Remedy sweets in my handbag which I take everywhere with me. RR helps me stay calm and gives me something else to focus on when I start to feel things are running away with me.

3. Breath Counting. Sounds simple, but I know when I'm stressed I don't breathe properly. Sitting quietly and counting my breaths helps me refocus on my breathing, distracts me from that which worries me, and re-oxygenates my body.

4. NLP Anchors. Having worked with an NLP practitioner I have a few little 'anchor' points on my forearms, these points have positive emotional states associated with them. This means when I start to feel anxious I can press one or more of the points and exchange the anxiety with a more positive mindset.

These are just a few of the things that work for me, I hope you've found them interesting, and that I've inspired you to start thinking about your own toolkit.

Andrea Cooper CRM5 MAR PRM of Orchard Reflexology holds the prestigious Level 5 Centralia Reflexology Mastership. The Level 5 qualification is the highest available currently in the UK.

Andrea seeks to deliver excellence through Reflexology, maintaining full memberships with the Association of Reflexolgists and Professional Reflexology. Andrea completes regular research and CPD to further her knowledge, and also runs her own case studies to develop new techniques and treatment protocols.

In addition to her busy Reflexology clinic Andrea is undertaking a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Teaching (DET) which in the future will allow her to share her passion for this wonderful therapy with student Reflexologists.

For further information please visit the website, www.orchard-reflexology.co.uk

Alternatively contact Andrea directly on 07478745695

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