Foot Reflexology.

It's an ancient therapy which uses alternating pressure on reflex points in the  feet to clear imbalances within the body. Reflexology doesn't heal you, what it may do though is stimulate your body to start to heal it's self. There is lots of information available on the website detailing the benefits of this stunning therapy. Needless to say I'm passionate about Reflexology and its many benefits, and would recommend that you check out the praise page or take a look at the Facebook reviews to see what other clients have experienced. 

A standard Reflexology treatment is £40. Appointments last around an hour, of which 40-50 minutes is treatment time.

Natural Lift Facial Massage.

Like the other muscles in your body the muscles in your face need regular toning to keep them in optimum condition. This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment gently tones the muscles and aids lymphatic drainage to optimise skin tone and promote radiance. The techniques used are a blend of Reflexology and Indian & Chinese movements. I recommend a course of at least 6 treatments to maximise the benefits, and regular follow up appointments will be required to maintain any changes.

One off treatment £40

Course of 6 treatments (inc. facial kit) £220

Crystal Healing.

In our modern world crystals are used in many applications, most of us aren't even aware they are there! Quartz watch movements and silicon computer chips are just a couple of examples. The reason for their widespread use is that they vibrate, something which scientists use to regulate clocks. It is these vibrations that can be used in a healing session to promote the body to self heal, and to give a wonderful feeling of calm relaxation. 

A standard Crystal Healing treatment is £40

I'm happy to incorporate crystals in to a reflexology treatment - Please ask when booking an appointment.


I am a Level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner and have found this energetic therapy to be extremely relaxing to receive. It promotes calm, reduces stress and by its very nature brings balance to the body and mind.

Reiki can be given in person, or over a distance. Both methods can be equally effective, and it is with pleasure that I'm able to offer this as a treatment. 

A Reiki treatment is charged at £40, whether that's a distance healing session or an in person session at my treatment room.

Distance healing sessions are preceded by a 'phone consultation so that any wishes or intentions can be discussed and set in advance.

Bach Flower Remedies.

In recent times 'Rescue Remedy' has become increasingly popular, however few people are aware that there are actually 38 flower essences available which can be carefully blended according to a clients specific needs.

This range was developed by Dr. Edward Bach to fit a range of emotions, all with a positive outcome in mind. As a practitioner I'm always delighted when my clients let me know how the blends have helped them.

A Bach Flower remedy consultation is charged at £40 and lasts around an hour. 


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