It's a word often used, but peoples experiences of migraines vary and can be very personal. It's often the case that one will be aware that a migraine is coming - certain sensations, pains, or visual disturbances (for example) can herald an attack approaching.

Some might describe a severe headache as a migraine, though others experience a wider range of symptoms which might include sickness, loss or blurring of vision, photo-phobia and sound sensitivity along with the pain. So, what causes migraines, and what can be done to ease the symptoms and decrease their frequency?

Orchard Reflexology - Migraines

Migraines are thought to be triggered by chemical changes in the brain, with aura symptoms often being attributed a sudden restriction of blood flow to the brain. Conversley the migraine its self is thought to be associated with the subsequent sudden rush of blood to the brain.

Physical causes include hormonal imbalances which can be caused by the menstrual cycle, fluorescent lights, over-exertion resulting in exhaustion, changes in routine, late rising in the morning, irregular meals causing a fluctuation in blood sugar, smells such as petrol, paint and perfume, computer screens, and certain medications. Another likely cause for migraines is constipation. Regular constipation can lead to bacteria in the gut converting the non essential amino acid tyrosine in to tyramine, also thought to be a trigger.

Unsurprisingly migraine onset has also been associated with anxiety, stress, neck and shoulder tension, excitement, shock and depression.

Obviously the first port of call for a migraine sufferer should be their GP. The GP will chat through likely causes, probably suggesting some self help techniques, and also possibly prescribing medication which can ease attacks. It's also worth visiting the NHS Choices web page for migraines - Here you will find a whole host of information which may prove interesting.

Reflexology can help, not just because it relaxes and alleviates stress and tension, but because Reflexologists can focus on the specific reflex points which may become imbalanced during an attack. By working these points we seek to allow the body to balance its self, a state in which it can start to self heal.

For further information about Reflexology please get in touch, but do remember - It's important to seek professional medical advice if you suspect a migraine.

Andrea Cooper CRM5 MAR PRM of Orchard Reflexology holds the prestigious Level 5 Centralia Reflexology Mastership. The Level 5 qualification is the highest available currently in the UK.

Andrea seeks to deliver excellence through Reflexology, maintaining full memberships with the Association of Reflexolgists and Professional Reflexology. Andrea completes regular research and CPD to further her knowledge, and also runs her own case studies to develop new techniques and treatment protocols.

In addition to her busy Reflexology clinic Andrea is undertaking a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Teaching (DET) which in the future will allow her to share her passion for this wonderful therapy with student Reflexologists.

For further information please visit the website, www.orchard-reflexology.co.uk

Alternatively contact Andrea directly on 07478745695

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