Mindfulness can be described as living in the moment, with no thought of the past or the future, having no agenda other than simply enjoying the present. This can be applied to all aspects of life, whether that’s having a conversation and truly listening to what the other participants are saying, or eating a meal – fully focussed on the food comprising the meal, enjoying and savouring the tastes, textures and sensations generated by the food. By being mindful we can strive to achieve a deeper state of relaxation, and reduce our stress and anxiety levels, which in turn can help reduce depression and pain.

Mindfulness can take two forms; formal and informal. Formal practices might include such things as attending classes or group meditation sessions, whereas informal mindfulness could be something as simple as talking a slow and considered walk in a park, revelling in one’s surroundings with no thought  to anything other than just being in the moment.

The benefits of Mindfulness practice can include such things as reductions in self-limiting beliefs, an increased enjoyment of life, improved personal relationships, greater levels of acceptance & a release of historical guilt. Clinical research has evidenced that regular Mindfulness practice can result in;

  1. Memory enhancement

  2. Increased confidence

  3. Reduced pain levels

  4. Better work/life balance

  5. Reduced anxiety levels

Mindfulness sessions are offered on a 1:1 basis, or in small groups. Please visit the Facebook page for forthcoming dates.

For those wishing to investigate mindfulness, or for the more experienced wishing to develop their practices, or retreats offer a wonderful opportunity to come and learn and develop. Whether it's a day or a weekend, you can be sure of meeting likeminded people and of leaving with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Please contact us for more information, availability and upcoming retreat dates.