Hand Reflexology, Self Help & Dr Foster!

I've been watching Doctor Foster - Anyone else been gripped too?!

In watching it I've been stunned at how many shots there were of Gemma rubbing her thumbs in to the palms of her hands, time after time after time!

Anyone else notice that too?

If you noticed did you think to look what and where she might be pressing as the uncomfortable events unfolded as the series climax approached? Clearly she was under great stress with soaring anxiety levels.

Taking guidance from the Hand Map I use when delivering a hand reflexology treatment she was repeatedly rubbing her adrenal gland reflex.

We all have an intrinsic flight or fight response which dates to our ancestors. When faced with a wild animal they had a choice; either to fight, or run. This was a common life-threatening situation. We still

have this issue now, no wild animals (!), but we all face situations in which we must make a choice;

to fight or to run.

This fight or flight response causes stress which manifests in many ways; physically,

psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally. These signs are triggered by our endocrine

system, and have far ranging effects on our bodies.

This domino effect starts with the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus goes in to

overdrive when alerted by a perceived threat, stimulating the production the hormones epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.

These hormones have a huge effect on the body as they circulate in the blood stream, they also

cause the release of the hormones cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) from the adrenal

glands. The first noticeable effect from this rush of hormones is that the heart rate increases and

breathing becomes faster and deeper. The rapid breathing increases the levels of oxygen in the

body which circulates more quickly because of the increase in heart rate. The increase in heart

rate causes an increase in the blood pressure, with blood flow being increased to the muscle

groups involved in movement. Blood is diverted away from the digestive system, which goes in to

semi-shut down, and from the skin, which may become cold and clammy and may also result in

goose bumps. These changes in circulation provide maximum oxygen where it is needed to effect

the fight or flight response. The pupils dilate to allow in maximum light, causing the peripheral

vision to be reduced.

The thyroid works to speed up the metabolic rate and levels of inflammation

increase. The release of cortisol stimulates muscle tension to prepare for action, and the liver is

stimulated to release glucose to provide energy for the forthcoming

fight or flight. The responses and changes in the body give a heightened alertness, an increase in short

term strength, a heightened ability to focus and a heightened sense of smell. Perspiration increases in preparation for cooling the body down following a period of heightened activity.

These changes all happen in a short space of time, and subside when the stressor is removed and the

parasympathetic nervous system works to return balance.

orchard hand reflexology, bedford

Circling, rotating and pressing on the adrenal gland reflex can help calm the stress response in the body, thereby potentially helping to reduce and calm the stress response. It's so powerful that the Association of Reflexologists have produced a little card, which we Reflexologists can hand to our clients, giving hand reflexology points which can be pressed to help reduce stress. I have given them to a number of clients and they have all remarked how brilliant they are! Praise indeed!

One particularly inspired client took her card to work and now encourages her team to work the reflexes during meetings!

Fascinating, just fascinating!

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