Hand Reflexology

I've been asked a few times this week about Hand Reflexology which has prompted me to write a little blog post about it, just to debunk some of the myths, and also to explain the principles upon which it works.

So, a Reflexologist will work the hands in exactly the same way as they work the feet. Easy really when you think that the feet and hands are really rather similar; 5 digits, one large palmar surface and a large dorsal aspect. The reflexes are mapped in a very similar way to those on the feet, they are just smaller and a little more compact. As with foot reflexology there are many maps available, though most reflexologists will select a hand map they agree with and stick with it.

Why hand reflex and not foot? Well, a variety of reasons really;

1. Some clients find it really difficult to get in to and out of a zero gravity chair. Working the hands makes life easier for them, and means they can sit comfortably throughout the treatment.

2. Foot problems. Feet with verruca's or athletes foot pose a problem for Reflexologists. To avoid the possibility of cross infection Reflexologists will either wear gloves, or alternatively work the hands.

3. A dislike of having the feet touched. This isn't something I've ever come across, but I know it does happen. Anyone not liking their feet being handled can opt for hand reflexology. All the benefits without the discomfort.

Is it as effective? I believe that yes, it is. I probably do prefer working the feet (its what I spend most of my time doing!) as they are larger and easier to access. Also there is the added benefit of the client being able to fully recline, relax and drift away, which I think helps make the treatment just a little bit deeper. Having said that though I've had super results working the hands, particularly with arthritis, which only serves in my mind to underpin the vast benefits which this very unique therapy can bring.

Orchard Hand Reflexology Bedford

The following video has been produced by the Association of Reflexologists. I hope that you will find it informative.

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