SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

How do you get your website to the top of the Google rankings? It's something of a 'secret art' with some companies opting to pay for 'clicks' whilst others choose to try and get their website up on to page one organically.

With all of this in mind I went along to a talk on this very thing a couple of weeks ago. It was hosted by my local Reflexology Support Group and was delivered by June Cory of My Mustard. June delivered 100 slides in 35 minutes (!) entertaining and informing us about the best way to climb the Google rankings and secure a page one slot (I'm sure one of her slides said that the best place to hide a dead body was page 2 of Google!).

I honestly don't think I've ever met anyone who talks so fast but remains so engaging.

It was a really fun evening and was well worth the donation to charity which June requests.

Orchard Reflexology Bedford Blog

So, what's been the outcome?

I already had my website up and running and listed with Google. It was languishing somewhere around the bottom of page 6 (not where anyone wants to be!). Feeling all inspired I returned home and got to work, making the little tweaks that June had suggested. I've kept adjusting and rewording and am delighted to say that this morning (just 4 weeks later) when I checked Google my website has found its way on to PAGE 1!! Time for a PARTY!

Orchard Reflexology Bedford

I know that some businesses pay for these SEO services, but having worked my way up organically I'm really pleased I've persevered, and the outcome has been well worth the 20 minutes or so I've taken every day to make changes, or write a blog post. There really is no need to pay someone to do this for you. If I can do it then anyone can!!

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