Meridians, What are they?

Meridians are energy channels for ch'i, that's it. Plain and simple.

Opens up a whole plethora of questions though, doesn't it?!

So let's start with Ch'i - What's that?

Put simply Ch'i is life energy. It's what we rely on to keep us going and every living thing has it. You can't see it, or touch it; you can't feel it, or manipulate it; but when it's depleted or disrupted you know about it!

So, how do meridians and ch'i go together?

Meridians are like the super-highways down which the ch'i travels. There are 12 meridians in total (6 pairs) all with specific points on them which are kind of junctions for ch'i, if any one point is blocked then the ch'i can't get much further. Just like us when we happen upon a traffic jam. It is these points which Acupuncturists use to help their clients.

How do Reflexologists use meridians?

Well, in a multitude of ways! Simplified though we;

can trace them on the hands and feet using out intention to help clear blockages, and to enable the passage of ch'i.

in a crystal treatment we can use the energy of the crystal to help release blockages and enable the ch'i to flow free.

Its something inherent which as Reflexologists we do as we work, spending more time working a point which is imbalanced to clear it, often it doesn't even require conscious thought!

It's food for thought and I'd really advocate you undertake further research if you're interested.

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