A New Start

Spring has Sprung! How nice to see the countryside starting to look green once again.

I am around half way through my course, and August will see me fully qualified as a reflexologist. It's exciting and a little daunting all at the same time.

So, I'm 7 months in, 76 case studies down, 2 essays completed, 1 business plan written and all body systems studied, completed and passed. This is in addition to the work done in class and the many hours of study I've completed.

For my latest blog post I'm going to reflect on Reflexology as a treatment and see if I can share some of my enthusiasm for this beautiful holistic therapy with you.

Reflexology as a treatment can trace its roots back to the ancient Egyptians. The tomb of Ankmahor shows a therapist working on feet. We can't prove that this is Reflexology of course, but it certainly looks like it.

More recently Reflexology has been developed by Eunice Ingham, a woman who worked tirelessly to further our knowledge of this therapy, and who was responsible for it becoming far more accepted in our society.

Reflexology is based on the belief that areas on the feet correspond to specific areas of the body. Equipped with this knowledge a Reflexologist can use pressure techniques on these mapped points to stimulate healing in the corresponding area of the body. In doing this we believe that tension can be released, allowing energy to flow freely and easily through the body.

As a treatment Reflexology is deeply relaxing, making it perfect for easing stress and anxiety. It has also proved beneficial in assisting with insomnia, PMT, IBS, hayfever, pain relief and many other conditions. For more information on this wonderful therapy please call or alternatively visit the website of the Association of Reflexologists - http://www.aor.org.uk/ where you will find a plethora of information to help you decide whether this is the right therapy for you.

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