Case Study Ponderings

Wow - The course is underway and the work is proving a challenge. The anatomy, physiology and pathology (or AP&P) element is far more detailed than I'd imagined and the home studies are taking quite some time to complete. It's in depth and exactly what I'd hoped it would be!

We've started on case studies now. There are 100 to be completed before the end of the course, they fall in to 3 sets of 28, 1 set of 12 and then 4 exam days. The write ups at this stage are not too detailed, but I have a feeling that they are going to become far more in depth very soon, a challenge I will welcome as I'm conducting lots of research and having findings which don't feel as though they 'fit in to any of the current headings we are using.

I've amassed a large number of books to help with my research which are proving fascinating and are helping immensely with my studies. I won't list them all, but they include;

Your Body Speaks Your Mind - Deb Shapiro

Heal Your Body - Louise Hay

The Reflexology Handbook - Laura Norman

I'm also fascinated by the endocrine system - it's wonderful and so terribly clever in the way it functions. Research this week has included the thyroid and parathyroid and their joint abilities to regulate the levels of calcium in the blood. Super!.

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