Finger Free Reflexology

RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury. Not what any therapist wants to hear from his or her GP. Once it's happened its difficult to cure, particularly when the therapist needs to earn a living, and its that living which is causing the problems.

What can be done?

Well; respected Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and lecturer David Wayte ( took this question very seriously and came up with a Reflexology method for therapists known as Finger Free Reflexology.

The course was introduced to me by a friend and I felt compelled to go along and see what this change in methods could do for me. The day was fun, informal, informative and fascinating, as we learned to use our knuckles, pisiforms, elbows and other areas of our hands to provide Reflexology treatments. It's an ingenious method, and though I won't be eschewing my existing techniques I will be adopting some of David's methods in an attempt to reduce the strain on my joints.

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