Thermal Auricular Reflexology

Through the ages the ear has been widely regarded as a key area to promote healing. Acupuncturists still use the ear now for treating clients. Some anecdotal evidence has been discovered which leads to the belief that ear candling was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and Greeks.

Ear Candling has changed a little over the centuries, but it is still considered to be beneficial to health. The conditions which may benefit from this gentle and relaxing therapy include; Hay fever, Sinusitis, Bell's palsy, Rhinitis, Colds, Labyrinthitis, Glue ear, Migraines, Excessive ear wax, Vertigo, Meniere's disease, Tinnitus, Sleep apnoea, Congestion, Snoring, Sore throat, Stress and Soreness in the temporomandibular joint (the jaw!)

Modern Ear Candles are made from cotton which is dipped in beeswax which has been impregnated with herbs and essential oils. These are carefully selected for their health benefits, or their known relaxation properties.

The ear candle is inserted gently in to the ear canal, and then the top is lit. This small flame causes a column of warm air to form which travels down the candle in to the ear canal. The warmth causes very gentle vibrations to commence, which may balance the structures of the ear, and loosen ear wax. The smoke carrying the essential oils is naturally anti-inflammatory which is greatly beneficial in the conditions listed above.

To further add to the benefits, at Orchard Reflexology I incorporate Ear Candles with a very specific foot reflexology treatment which targets key reflexes to underpin the benefits. I then finish the treatment with facial reflexology, to relax, balance and aid drainage of any fluid released. Please see the website for a very detailed testimonial from a client who has received this super treatment and experienced its benefits first hand. The treatment really is 90 minutes of utter relaxation!

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