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Did you know that Employers have a legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at work Act to;

'minimize the risk of stress-related illness or injury to employees'

 Did you also know that;

in 2015/2016 the total number of working days lost to stress, depression and anxiety was 11.6 million, with stress accounting for 37% of all work related ill health cases?


So, what can Reflexology & Mindfulness do to help?

For those experiencing work stress relaxation is particularly important. Through relaxation the body is allowed respite from the aggravating stressors and can start to regain its equilibrium. Also the nature of being stressed means that often we do not take time for ourselves, perceiving that time spent on ourselves is ‘wasted’ time.

In the workplace this sensation is further underpinned by the feeling that there is so much to do that any time 'taken out' is depriving us from completing tasks.  In practice this couldn’t be further from the truth, as these periods of self-care promote a feeling of well-being, help to clear the mind, and can help ease the pressures we feel, enabling us to cope with them more effectively.

Stress depletes us utterly, depriving our bodies of the vital vitamins and minerals they need to function, and often causing a frightening barrage of physical symptoms, over which we have no control.

Reflexology and mindfulness break this cycle, allowing mind and body to rebalance.

Why choose Andrea Cooper, and Why Orchard Reflexology?

I'm passionate about stress relief and have experienced the effects or stress and anxiety first hand. I feel that this gives me an edge when helping others, as I've understand fully what they are going through. Why not take a look at my mini stress blog post here, which explains the stages of stress as they progress from manageable to uncontrollable.

How do Mindfulness and Reflexology work in a corporate setting?

In terms of the sessions themselves, very easily.

For Reflexology I provide everything required for the treatment, you just need to supply a small, quiet room (3m x 2m is perfect), which can be free from disturbances for the duration of the treatment.

For Mindfulness I work with small groups, so a meeting room or large office would be a great size.

It's then for you to decide how to proceed. Some companies pay for the 30 minute sessions, offering them free of charge to any employee who wants them, whilst others allow their employees the time out of their working day, but ask that the employee pays for the treatment. That's for you to decide entirely.


My corporate pricing structure is clear and simple;

Maximum treatments on site in 1 day - 15 


Day Rate (15 treatments) £300 (saving £75) - Cost per employee £20

Half Day Rate (8 treatments) £175 (Saving £25) - Cost per employee £21.80

For advance block day bookings in excess of 2 days a 10% discount is offered. 

So, 1 day a month over the course of a year would cost just £3240.

This would provide 180 treatments, giving a saving of £1250!

If your employees have a treatment every other month, this package will help you support

30 of your valuable team members.

To view the standard pricing please click here

I am not VAT registered, but I do provide receipts for all treatments supplied.

Please note that I do not offer credit terms. 

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